Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Naming a Painting

This painting has had as many names as it has had lives - changes. It started out as "A Crown for Birdman," then "Birdman III," and finally "Near the Jardín." 

The top photo shows the painting when I thought it was finished, but the blue top and red bottom borders bothered me. My eye kept going to the bottom border, red being the strongest color. I also de-emphasized the recognizable symbols, the bird, the head, etc., and put more emphasis on the abstract shapes and marks. The bottom photo shows the painting as it is now. I think it is finished. As I stood back and looked at it, the colors reminded me of the walls in San Miguel de Allende, something you might see "Near the Jardín."

I just found out that "Near the Jardín" was accepted into the next San Diego Art Institute Regional Show in Balboa Park; juror, Omar Montano; reception, Friday, March 7, 2014. The show runs 2/28 - 3/30/2014. 

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