Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Depends on Where You Stand

Assemblage of found objects and collage elements.  10" x 10"
Juried into the Art and Science exhibition; Escondido Municipal Gallery; August 9 through September 28; juror, Claire L. Evans 

Chiminea Makeover

I love mosaics that incorporate the unusual and unexpected- old, broken, and found objects--piqué assiette.  Over the years I have saved some favorite broken dishes. One day I looked at this chiminea sitting out on the patio, which we never use as a fireplace anymore, and thought it would make a good succulent container, and so I put the two together. In the meantime, Laurie Mika, a local talented mosaic artist and teacher, posted a project she completed that was beautiful and inspired me to get started.

Applying broken dishes, marbles, small tile, mirrors, and odds and ends saved over the years, or purchased from thrift stores and Michael's. Thin set really holds!

All I have left to do is apply the grout. I have been procrastinating; grouting a project this size with so many uneven surfaces could be a little tricky. Waiting for a day with no interruptions. 

As anticipated, the grouting was a challenge--trying to get all the spaces filled but not cover up too many of the mosaic pieces.  If I had it to do over, I would start with a smaller project. But, I'm happy with the way it turned out. 

9-9-13, Grout is sealed and succulents were planted on Labor Day.