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January 8
Our day started with a lecture by Rafael M. Hernandez, historian, author and editor of Temas, a Cuban quarterly that focuses on social sciences and humanities. The topic of his talk was on the eight key socio/economic issues Cubans are, or should be, concerned with and how those issues might be solved (will add a link later).

After the lecture we toured the Museum of Cuban Contemporary Art, led by curator Nelson Herrera.  Our tour focused on the decades from the '50s through present day.  You can see many similarities between Cuban and American art trends, particularly from the abstract expressionist period on. Conceptual & three dimensional art is very strong.  There doesn't appear to be art censorship--social/political themes dominated their contemporary art, just as it does in the U.S.  If you are interested in reading more about the history of Cuban art:

Photos were not allowed inside the museum. This structure, made with espresso pots, was in the courtyard of the Museum of Contemporary Cuban Art

Lunch at La Barraca, overlooking the sea, at the historic Hotel Nacional de Cuba

Following lunch we visited several artists' studios located in the Vedado neighborhood:  Brothers, Kelvin & Kadir Lopez; The Merger, a collaborative art group; and the studio of Sara Alonso, curator and art historian, who shares space with Adrian Fernandez, Alex Hernandez, Frank Mujica and Maria Cienfuegos; cocktail reception at the eclectic home of collector/curator, Milagros Borges. 

Dinner and flamenco at Meson de la Flota

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