Sunday, January 15, 2012


January 7 - Vinales Valley

Our first visit was a small country town where Mario Pelegrin has created a community project dedicated to local children; a home for amateur art programs.  In this beautiful environment, students are able to learn and practice music, dance, theater, and art.

Mario Pelegrin and our tour guide, Ozmeen.

Our next stop was a tobacco farm privately owned by the Ramirez family. Everywhere you look, you see tobaccco fields scattered with giant limestone outcrops. The tranquility of this valley and the friendliness of the local people are as enchanting as the scenery.

Paco's son with an antique cigar press, used by his family for over a hundred years.  He hand rolled the cigar on the table. Twenty cigars for about $20. Cigars are not allowed to be brought back into the U.S., but then no one in the group had their baggage checked returning to Miami.

Where the tobacco is dried
Part of the Ramiriz family...

Delicious, fresh pineapple, mango puree w/cheese, and Cuba's wonderful espresso w/ leche

Jane, capturing the Vinales Valley; with a young admirer


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