Wednesday, March 2, 2011

New mixed media paintings

Summation is an annual art exhibit, at the Escondido Municipal Gallery, in which local poets are invited to participate.  The poets view the work at the opening and/or during the month the show is exhibited and they choose a painting that inspires them  to write about.  I was fortunate to have Elizabeth Yahn Williams write a poem for both of my paintings in Summation:

Yellow Bird 
by Elizabeth Yahn Williams

Yelllow Bird Loop-D-Loops
across heights that man can only climb by ladder.

Above the fray
she takes solace
in the chalice of her home
of many rooms--
A mansion for all
to be made whole
as they loose their shackles,
iron out their differences,
light candles of Peace, and
bake bread together.

Red Bird Marks Turf
by Elizabeth Yahn Williams

Number 1 Cardinal
takes the bat and knocks a homer
that spirals past
three receivers
over the fence
just missing a postal person
onto J street.

The hit creates peace
within the checkered team
who've smeared their Alma Mater's note
to clash out in divers themes,
but now blend,
a tie-dye melody of cool teal.

Thank you, Elizabeth, for the honor; seeing even more than I saw in my paintings, and your beautiful words.  (The book of poetry, Summation III, The Merging of Art and Poetry, is available through the EMGallery, and Poets Inland North County)

EFG, mixed media,
Accepted into the San Diego Art Institute's March/2011 Regional Show. 
Juror, Fritzie Urguhart
Red Bird II, mixed media

After spending most of the summer working on figurative/portrait painting in oil, with very little to show for it, I decided to go back to working in mixed media. These two paintings were done in the last two weeks.

Since I use a lot of visual images in my mixed media pieces, I enjoyed reading an article about David Humphrey in this morning's "Art" section of the UT. David is the current Lux Art Institute's, "artist-in-residence. He says: "Images have an inherent slipperiness, they have a built-in uncontrollability that I think is part of their life, part of their vitality. So if you seek to control it, it's a little bit of a white-knuckle absurdity...I guess I like the idea that a painting can reflect all of the layered qualities of consciousness that has elements of memory, of history, of desire, of a complicated self."