Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Chair is Not a House, A House is Not a Home...

The house has been a visual image that reappears in my paintings as well as assemblages. Ann Broadaway's paintings have inspired me since first seeing her work in Santa Fe years ago.  I found out that she passed away (in 2008) just a few months ago.  In her bio, she writes that our childhood homes allow us to develop into our true selves, and if we are lucky, it is within a place that fosters a sense of safety and "home." She writes:  "However, as adults that home no longer exists and we must look for and create another home for the present moment. The places we live in and create are reflections of our process of becoming wholly ourselves."  I love that! 

This assemblage was made out of a bird house found at Goodwill. I am always surprised the way recycled pieces seem to serendipitously come together.  It is like you are a temporary conduit for these found pieces and they tell you subconsciously what to do. I don't believe we are meant to be the permanent holders of these things. This assemblage may end up back at Goodwill after the recycle show, and from there, on with its journey.

Ann Broadaway painting

A Chair is Not a House